5 August 2015

Good Afternoon and welcome to the August ‘AUSPAN INFORM'

Featured in this months AUSPAN INFORM is:

1. VIDEO: Testimonial from Malbro Farms
2. VIDEO: 'AUSPAN Roof Lift' the Water Corporation's
Advanced Water Recycling Plant

3. AUSPAN in the Great Southern Herald
4. DOWNLOAD Case Study #206 - Malbro Farms


1. VIDEO: Testimonial from Malbro Farms

AUSPAN completed the Design & Construction of Malbro Farms new once in a life time workshop. Watch this 1min video to hear why Scott and his family chose to build with AUSPAN.




2. VIDEO: 'AUSPAN Roof Lift' for Water Corporation's Advanced Water Recycling Plant

See below some exciting developments on the Water Corporation's Advanced Water Recycling Plant project.

• Time lapse video of the 'AUSPAN Roof Lift'.



Watch this time lapse of the 'AUSPAN Roof Lift' for the Advanced Water Recycling Plant, a major milestone for Australia’s first full scale Groundwater Replenishment Scheme.

When complete, the plant will have the capacity to inject 14 billion litres of recycled water per year into deep confined aquifers, providing an additional secure, rainfall independent water source for Perth. This is part of the State Government’s $124.5million Groundwater Replenishment Scheme, which has the potential to supply up to 20 per cent of Perth’s future drinking water needs by 2060.

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3. AUSPAN in the Great Southern Herald

Click here to read the write up in the Great Southern Herald.(© WEST AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS LIMITED)

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4. Case Study #206 - State of the art Agricultural Machinery/Workshop Shed in Pingelly

Malbro Farms’ brief was based on achieving a once in a life time workshop and machinery storage building with the aim of improving work conditions, security and adding value to their family more

Please download the case study here for further information.



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