6 February 2018

Hello, and welcome to your AUSPAN Inform for February 2018.

This month's update features the following topics:

  • NEW Case Study - AUSPAN 3-Tier cyclone rate Curved Court Cover Case Study
  • AUSPAN mobilisation to Dalgaranga Gold Project
  • Quote of the month!




NEW Case Study - AUSPAN 3-Tier cyclone rated Curved Court Cover

AUSPAN was a key contractor in the Design & Construction of the Onslow Multipurpose Courts Project which was completed in mid-2016.

When the Shire of Ashburton's tender requirement was for '2 courts to be covered by a permanent structure that demonstrates quality, innovation and also have an appealing visual impact' AUSPAN was pleased to incorporate our unique and cost effective design, the AUSPAN 3-Tier Curved Roof Structure.

AUSPAN's in-house design of the curved roof structure and the column artwork really looks great now that the facility is in use.
It was great to be involved in this project that will benefit the Onslow community for years to come.


AUSPAN mobilises to Dalgaranga Gold Project

AUSPAN is pleased to confirm that we mobilised to the Dalgaranga Gold Project last week to begin installation works of the power station buildings on site.

This installation will add to AUSPAN's growing list of project successes in the power generation space including:

  • Sirius Resources' Nova Nickel Power Station
  • Northern Star Resources' Jundee Power Station
  • Dacian Gold's Mount Morgan Power Station

Follow this link for further Dalgaranga Gold project information.


Quote of the month!

A quote that the AUSPAN team are well versed in is:

"Today the big doesn't eat the small, the fast eats the slow"

We look forward to working through your next D & C building project with you so that you can experience how AUSPAN eats the slow.

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